The 4D line of Sim Racing footwear focuses on the most important thing: The driver’s ability to feel the controls and make precise adjustments to throttle and brake.

4D Sim- Racing Shoes

The 4D Sim Racing Shoe (SRS) and Reactions Gaming Shoe models are custom engineered to give drivers the best feel for the pedals in their Sim Racing Rigs.  Other sim-racing shoes are no more than karting or auto racing shoes, which must meet stringent regulations for fire resistance and safety.  In the Simulator, there is no risk of impact or fire, so why not eliminate the excess and get down to what matters the most – FEEL.

Sim Racing Shoes
Dakota Sim Racing Glove RWB

4D Sim- Racing Gloves

4D Sim-Racing gloves protect your hands and your valuable steering wheel while ensuring you have grip to keep your inputs precise. With no air movement to keep a driver’s hands cool and dry, our gloves make up for it using lightweight, breathable materials designed to let air flow around your hands while still allowing drivers to feel every bump and vibration provided by the force feedback wheel.